DYNAC 7100

Floor-level sequential accumulation and line control for high-speed lines


Mass Flow Pressureless Accumulation

Hartness offers a variety of accumulation and buffering conveyors which we call DYNAC, designed to improve the throughput and efficiency of high-speed packaging lines. The DYNAC 7100 series are Hartness’ floor level, mass flow accumulation systems and come in three configurations:

  • 7100 – the standard U-shaped configuration
  • 7100FT – in line flow through feeding one outfeed
  • 7100DF – in line flow through feeding two separate outfeeds

The DYNAC 7100 is a floor level system and offers a smart alternative to traditional bi-directional tables. Unlike some systems that simply provide accumulation, DYNAC’s space-saving configuration enables the implementation of ITW Hartness’ DYNAC-Centric line concept. DYNAC-Centric line design eliminates complicated line controls and allows equipment centers to be positioned close together in a smaller footprint. The DYNAC between the two centers isolates these from each other so each runs at its optimum efficiency.


  • Increased line efficiency
  • Reduced line pressure
  • Eliminates complicated line controls
  • Extremely low maintenance and operation
  • Handles plastic, aluminum, and glass
  • Runs light-weighted and reverse-tapered products



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Key Markets


  • Sauces & Condiments


  • Juice
  • RTD
  • CSD
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Water
  • Beer

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