Creating next generation solutions today

When we started over 70 years ago as a Pepsi Bottling company, we knew that was only the beginning to our capabilities. By the time we introduced our first Case Packer to the world, we were already asking “what’s next?”. Today, we are one of the top companies in the secondary packaging industry because we understand where there is a solution, there is still room for improvement.

Through our unique approach to customer-focused innovation, we build partnerships and work to gain key insights into the business’s major pain points. From there, we begin to understand exactly what that customer needs to succeed. Then, we get to work, creating the next innovative solution that meets needs and delivers unprecedented results for years to come. And by the time our customer knows that it is time to add more value to their line, we are there, equipped with the next best innovation.


Our Latest Advancements

1760 Case Top Sealer

The 1760 Case Top Sealer is a well tested, efficient design that minimizes overall costs. The 1760 integrates seamlessly into ITW Hartness Case Packers (Models 875, 2800, and 2900) and improves productivity by minimizing downtime from changeovers and maintenance. Light curtains ensure the operator's safety while providing unobstructed views and quick access to the machine. When combined with the included Intelligent Lighting Kit for faster reaction time to machine status, unnecessary downtime is eliminated, reducing Total Cost of Ownership. 

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2020-02-12 10_18_42-6930 Helical - VLC media player

6930 Helical DYNAC

The 6930 Helical Dynamic Accumulator (DYNAC) is a simple, innovative solution with reliability that brings a dramatic improvement to packaging line performance through pressureless product handling and micro-stop elimination. The 6930 maintains the integrity of Helical DYNACs before its time while bringing more value than ever before to packaging line customers with better reliability, less downtime, and lower total cost of ownership. It is a single file DYNAC with FIFO accumulation and unique line balancing characteristics for a variety of rigid and flexible container types, making it easily adaptable to any packaging line condition.  The spiral configuration, space-saving design, and expandable capacity add to its versatility, allowing it to fit effortlessly into the needs of any packaging line.

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