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Decades of experience in the packaging industry have taught us that the foundation of a successful equipment installation requires not only innovative machine design, world class manufacturing and committed service, but perhaps most importantly, it requires superior maintenance and operator training.


  • Training instills confidence in operators and technicians, empowering them to handle tasks effectively, troubleshoot problems independently, and maximize machine capabilities, resulting in improved machine performance and output quality.
  • Proper training includes preventive maintenance instruction to extend machine lifespan, reduce repairs, and enable prompt issue identification, minimizing downtime for smooth operations.
  • Training ensures a thorough understanding of safety protocols and best practices, effectively reducing accident risks and ensuring compliance with machine operation and safety regulations.

HartnessTRAINING Packages

Formal Training

  • 6 hours of classroom instruction
  • 2 hours of machine-side instruction
  • 1 training manual per person
  • 1 Service Technician per 8 trainees


Informal Training

  • 8 hours of machine-side instruction
  • 1 Service Technician per 8 trainees

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