Machine Efficiency ≠ Line Efficiency

Understanding the benefits of DYNAC Accumulation to maximize line efficiency

RC Line Without DYNAC

Balance & Buffer

ITW Hartness proposed that the customer install DYNAC accumulation into their line which could help increase their overall line efficiency. After two DYNACs were placed in the line, the same 240-hour simulation was re-run. The outcome resulted in 92% efficiency which is a +15% efficiency gain by adding two DYNACs.


The DYNAC is a simple yet innovative solution that brings balance and buffer to your line. When ITW Hartness integrates DYNAC, our proprietary line control simplifies line logic, measures inventory levels to signal the balance of upstream / downstream conditions creating the heartbeat of the line. The core benefits of a DYNAC include pressure free FIFO accumulation, maximum storage in a reduced footprint, ability to absorb micro-stops on a line, precise product metering to downstream machines and the ability to optimize overall line efficiency.

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Barriers to Throughput 

When it comes to line efficiencies there are many factors that can potentially rob your throughput. In general, machine performance, inexperienced operators, inconsistent materials, and lack of maintenance time can cost you up to 25% of your available throughput.


The problem for some customers is the aforementioned inefficiencies of machinery cause micro-stops along with bad communication between machine centers.


A recent customer had a full line with 7 different machine centers all running over 90%. We ran a 240-hour simulation to calculate the baseline efficiency for their overall line. In the simulation on the left, the efficiency result is 76.73% without DYNAC Accumulation despite all machine center efficiencies being above 90%.




Line with Dynacs

DYNAC Single-File Portfolio

  • DYNAC 6900

    FIFO accumulation in a circular footprint for high-speed lines.

  • DYNAC 6930

     FIFO accumulation in our smallest circular footprint for high-speed lines.

  • DYNAC 6600

    Versatile FIFO accumulation with pressureless product handling and faster speeds.

  • DYNAC 6400

    Versatile FIFO accumulation with pressureless product handling and unique line-balancing