Before Production Stops — DYNAC Accumulation Steps In

One of the inherent challenges on a beverage production line is that micro-stops will happen.

For most beverage producers, maximizing the efficiency of the production line is a daily concern. And, line operators will tell you,  no matter how fine-tuned their line, small stoppages will happen.

If this situation is your reality, you probably know that an accumulation system can help reduce the effects stops and starts can have on your line. There are a number of accumulation systems available in the industry, but none has had the proven success and as many installations as DYNAC.

Twenty-five plus years ago, when ITW Hartness introduced DYNAC, an on-demand accumulation system, it was thought to be a “nice-to-have” machine rather than “must-have” technology. Now, 6,500+ installations later, you can find DYNACs in beverage, food, and personal and household care lines all over the world.  DYNAC reacts to the upstream and downstream flow by increasing and decreasing the number of containers it absorbs and releases back onto the line.

DYNAC’s on-demand pressureless accumulation has proven to increase overall line productivity by absorbing the effects of line stoppages — or micro steps.

DYNAC Absolut

In one case study, Absolut Vodka’s director of technical development and packaging stated that rather than the 5% efficiency gains he hoped for after installing their single file DYNACs, they saw line efficiency improvements as high as 18%. The first installation was followed by 12 more.

Granted not all installations will see this type of efficiency gains, but even a few percentage points add up at the end of the day.