DYNAC 6300

 Multi-lane pressureless accumulation at floor level


DYNACs provide pressureless accumulation to protect critical functions from downstream system failures. They deliver a more stable, consistent flow of product, eliminate the interdependence of machines in the line and allow customers to gain greater productivity from less space. ­

The 6300 is a multi-lane, floor level, single file DYNAC with some unique features:

  • Dynamic continuous motion infeed, no changeparts
  • Banked rails – “racetrack” – profile enables higher speeds and product stability
  • Center-line design facilitates line layouts

It provides the benefits of the DYNAC product line:

  • Improves recovery time from a stop/start on the line
  • First in/first out product flow for batch integrity
  • Overall efficiency increases



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Key Markets



  • Sauces & Condiments

Personal Care

  • Soap & Shampoo
  • PET/HDPE Container Mfg.

Household Care

  • Cleaner, Bleach, & Detergent
  • Chemical Products