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What it Is

HartnessCONNECT is a digital interface - or an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform - that integrates seamlessly into ITW Hartness equipment, transforming it into a Smart Connected Device to facilitate the communication between the user and Hartness equipment or systems. It is an industrial hardware and software package, featuring a suite of applications that leverages advanced technologies built to optimize all aspects of operating, using, maintaining, and supporting the equipment. The standalone kiosk houses all necessary electrical components and a removable iPad docking station for easy handling and movement. HartnessCONNECT is also extendable to more than one equipment by connecting additional Satellite Units and networking them back to the main kiosk via ethernet.


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How it Works

The Equipment PLC and mounted cameras connect to the HartnessCONNECT kiosktransmitting a secured wi-fi connection to the iPad software interface via ethernet. Once connection is established, operators are equipped with tools and support at the touch of a finger to maximize OEE.

HartnessCONNECT also features remote access capabilities established through a secure encrypted SSL UDP or TCP/HTTPS VPN connection.  To enable remote access, a connection is initiated through the EWON Talk2M Cloud. Once authenticated via two-factor authentication, users have access to only the remote networks they have permission to support.


Security Measures

HartnessCONNECT utilizes a hardened and tested “defense in depth” security strategy, a secured encrypted VPN, and other high security measures to ensure your safety and privacy while using the digital platform.

To learn more about HartnessCONNECT security measures, download the cyber security white paper.



Operator Assistance

Provides easy access to all equipment documentation and real-time guided procedures and training on screen for increased efficiency.

Maintenance Diagnostics

Monitors health of critical components, keeps revision history of equipment configuration and quickly identifies root cause of equipment failures for less reactive maintenance.

Performance Optimization

Provides equipment performance insights via user-friendly dashboards for better decision making and maximized asset utilization.

Remote Support

Reduces unplanned equipment downtime by getting instant support from service technicians to quickly get equipment back up and running.

Featured Apps



Document center providing guided procedures, training, and documentation for quick operator assistance.



Cameras focused on key locations capture video and live streams, providing visibility for quick diagnosis of faults and production stops.


Maintenance Manager

Utilizes Predictive Maintenance processes, such as Condition Based Monitoring, to monitor the health of critical equipment components.


Configuration Manager

Keeps a historical record of all changes to the equipment configuration and allows the user to quickly revert to a previous state


Performance Manager

Monitors performance data and provides insight for equipment optimization.



Quick and intuitive creation and modification of pallet configurations for robotic solutions.

Purchase Options

Offering Package DescriptionBasicAdvanced
Standalone HartnessCONNECT Hardware
Remote Diagnostics
Performance Manager
Configuration Manager
Maintenace Manager

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