Hartness Interns Win ITW Competition

Hartness interns offered opportunities to develop new skills.

This summer, Hartness welcomed 10 interns from Clemson University, Virginia Tech, and NC State University. The Hartness interns worked for 12 weeks across various departments in the company including marketing, sales, IT, supply chain, research and development, and engineering. The internship program is designed to immerse the students in the Hartness business environment in their selected fields, and allow the interns to put learning into practice in a real-life setting.

In order to gain a full understanding of the company and how the various departments work together, the interns developed organizational skills within their departments, networked with industry leaders and went on field trips to customer facilities such as Sierra Nevada and Sunny D.

Monica Gale, marketing intern at Hartness said, “Touring the Sierra Nevada facility was a great learning experience for me. It helped me to understand how my work at Hartness helps the customer.”   Craig Claffey,  sales intern, commented “I chose Hartness because the work I am doing fits perfectly with my major. I believe the experience that I have gained will help me greatly in my future career.”

Interns throughout parent company ITW’s internship programs submitted videos for the competition. Congratulations to videographer Monica Gale and all the participating Hartness interns for their winning video!