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Wine & Spirits

Unlike many segments in the beverage industry, consumer consumption continues to increase in both the wine and spirits sectors. The number of brands in both markets also continues to grow, while consolidation has considerably reduced the number of manufacturing facilities around the world.

Though the expansion of these markets offers increased profits, development brings a number of challenges to manufacturers of both wine and spirits. As brands continue to emerge, marketers are forced to differentiate their product through novel packaging and design. The results of unique container branding are often reverse-tapered and unconventionally-shaped containers, which may be difficult to produce on existing packaging lines. Consolidation has also forced bottling facilities to run more SKUs than ever, which means that lines must be more flexible than ever.

Hartness is a leading provider of engineering services and packaging equipment that enable manufacturers of wine and spirits to meet their flexibility and pressure-less container needs.

Hartness' world-class solutions for the wine and spirits industry:

  • Hartness' industry-leading Engineering Services team supplies a full complement of integration services designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce risk. These services include packaging line assessments, project scope development, line design and project management. Hartness frequently provides "end-of-line" rework for existing packaging lines. Rework may involve filler, labeler or case packing upgrades due to speed or capability improvement, and it often includes the installation of a DYNAC system for accumulation and pressure-less product flow.
  • DYNAC and DYNAC-Centric line designs offer first in/first out pressure-less accumulation, buffering and product conveyance for unconventionally-shaped containers.
  • Robotic automation solutions provide flexible and low-pressure laning, case packing and palletizing of light-weighted and odd shaped containers and packages.
  • Hartness' top-load, intermittent-motion case packers (the Model 835 and Model 2800) are industry standards in the wine and spirits industry.
  • High-speed, continuous-motion laning for non-round containers continues to be among Hartness' most popular solutions in these market segments.
  • Adjustable product conveyor offers repeatable changeovers.



Engineering Services Experience across a wide variety of industries providing innovative layouts, reduced footprint line designs and leading project management and consulting services.
DYNAC Provides consistent, perfectly-pitched upstream and downstream product flow for consistent and pressure-less handling.
Case Packing Gentle and flexible handling allows for the case packing of a wide variety of difficult shaped containers and broad types of materials.
Laning Continuous motion flow ensures no product or label damage while the high speed laner remains accurate, flexible and pressureless operating up to 200 ft./min.
Conveying Dramatic improvements have been made to line throughput and product volume, providing first-in/ first-out pressureless product handling and accumulation.
Robotics Vertically-integrated, robotic automation solutions for a variety of market segments