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From changes in government legislation to price pressure and enhanced competition, the pharmaceutical industry has been forced to look for new ways to reduce costs. One strategy employed by many pharmaceutical companies places renewed emphasis on improving packaging line efficiency. Hartness emerged at the forefront of this industry transformation and has routinely provided engineering evaluations and packaging equipment designed to improve the operational efficiency of individual machines, as well as pharmaceutical packaging lines as a whole.

Hartness' DYNAC system provides a particularly adept solution for improving overall equipment effectiveness. Offering first in, first out accumulation and buffering, DYNAC also acts as a pressure-less, line control device, ensuring continual flow of product to downstream equipment. As a result, downstream equipment runs more efficiently.

As one of North America's leading providers of robotic automation, Hartness presents a variety of modular and custom solutions for the pharmaceutical industry such as picking, palletizing and case packing.

Hartness offers a full complement of engineering services. From line assessments to project management, our goal is to help our pharmaceutical clients improve the efficiency of their operations. Borrowing technology and processes from a variety of highly efficient industries, such as soft drink and brewery, Hartness' cross-industry experience enhances our ability to provide industry-leading solutions.



DYNAC Provides consistent, perfectly-pitched upstream and downstream product flow for consistent and pressure-less handling.
Engineering Services Experience across a wide variety of industries providing innovative layouts, reduced footprint line designs and leading project management and consulting services.
Robotics Vertically-integrated, robotic automation solutions for a variety of market segments
Laning Continuous motion flow ensures no product or label damage while the high speed laner remains accurate, flexible and pressureless operating up to 200 ft./min.