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World-Class Manufacturing

World-Class Manufacturing

Continuous improvement (Kaizen) has always been at the core of the culture and business philosophy at Hartness International. In November 2002, the Hartness World Class journey officially began. Buy-in was established early on due to extensive employee involvement at all levels of the organization. Today, the philosophies and strategies around World Class Manufacturing are evidenced throughout the entire Hartness organization. Though the principles are present throughout our business, they have their most profound effect on our clients in two areas: the Hartness manufacturing floor and in the LEAN line designs proposed by Hartness Systems Group.

World Class Manufacturing - Deliverables

  • Training for every full time employee on World Class principles
  • Establishment of a full time "Lean Promotions Office" (LPO)
  • Nearly 200 Kaizen Events or "Pit Stops"
  • Nearly one-half of the company has participated in Pit Stops
  • Re-alignment of the Hartness plant layout to ensure less time traveled by people and parts ensures shorter lead times
  • Centerlining of packaging equipment to ensure quick, repeatable changeover and visual, "obvious at a glance" control

Hartness Systems' Integration and Lean Line Design Principles - Deliverables

  • Increased OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Cellular manufacturing - "DYNAC-centric" line design and simple control philosophy
  • DYNAC accumulating conveyance ensures smaller footprint lines with reduced variability and more predictable product flow
  • Quick, repeatable changeover utilizing automatically adjustable conveyor
  • Extensive training program ensures high employee involvement and subsequent "buy in"