ITW Hartness Airbag Rebuild Program

Program Benefits:

  1. Machine downtime is minimized with constant rotation of airbags for repair.
  2. Minimal investment for repairs but with the same warranty as a new part.
  3. Repairs are completed within 5 business days from date of receipt.

To get Started:

  1. Determine if you will be returning regular or placehead airbags.
  2. Email for an airbag repair quote to obtain pricing.
  3. Email your purchase order for the repairs to
  4. Upon request of your purchase order, you will be issued an Airbag Return (ABR) number and return shipping instructions.
  5. An order acknowledgement will be provided with the scheduled ship date upon receipt of the airbags by ITW Hartness.
Regular Airbag

Blue Material goes end to end. Repair part number is AIRBAG.
Placehead Airbag

The placehead airbags are longer than regular airbags, and the blue material does not go end to end. Instead, it stops in the middle. Notice that the blue material ends at the clamp plate and the metal section starts from that point. Repair part number is AIRBAGPH.