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Dry Conveyor Lubrication
Dry Conveyor Lubrication

Dry Conveyor Lubrication

At Hartness International, we are committed to continually improving our manufacturing processes and providing packaging solutions that enable our customers to achieve their sustainable goals.

Since water is one of the world's most valuable natural resources, conserving water by eliminating unnecessary usage is an important step toward sustainable practices. As a vital contribution to our sustainability solutions, Dry Conveyor Lubricant (DCL) eliminates the need for water in the line lubrication process.

Unlike traditional soap and water lubricants, Hartness DCL is a non-aqueous (dry) Teflon-based conveyor lubricant that is applied on contact with a specially designed application block or brush. Silicone lubricants are marketed as "dry" but use water as a carrying agent and do not provide the benefits of a true dry lubricant.

Not only does our DCL save water, it contributes to a safer work environment and better packaging quality. Floors and other surfaces remain dry, rather than wet and slippery. Photo eyes are kept free from soapsuds, and labels and secondary packaging remain clean and free from damage. Water alkalinity and stress cranking issues are eliminated, while storage, sewage and shipping costs are greatly reduced.

Hartness DCL is USDA H1 approved and uses a food grade mineral oil as a carrier for safe "incidental food contact." This medicinal white oil is used widely in medical and pharmaceutical industries, making it a safe choice for all conveying applications. Traditional soap systems require costly antimicrobial products to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, but Hartness DCL is inherently antimicrobial. It also performs well in high sugar environments.

Save water, space and money with Hartness Dry Conveyor Lubricant. For more information or to find out how you can implement Hartness DCL on your conveyor lines, please contact us.